EKG Technician Schools In California

Electrocardiograph technicians or also known as EKG technicians are persons who are trained to do electrocardiograms, stress tests and operating a Holter monitor. For those who are not familiar with a Holter monitor, it is a machine that monitors the activity of the heart and this machine is placed on a person’s body where a 24 hour monitoring is done. EKG technicians perform a stress test where the patients vital signs are first taken before they are attached to the EKG monitor. EKG technicians must also prepare the results for the evaluation of the physician. They must ensure that all readings are clear and full of information before giving it to the physician.

Most of the EKG technicians work in different shifts and in a 40 hour work week for five days. They work even during holidays, weekends and are called for overtime. These EKG technicians work in different healthcare setting like hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers. Every EKG technician must be fit since their work requires long hours of walking and standing and sometimes it may cause emotional stress especially when dealing with patients who are ill.

For people wanting to be an aspiring EKG technician, what are the things needed for EKG technician training? Having a high school diploma is the most important thing to have. The EKG training in schools may be done by a EKG cardiologist which will last for 2-4 months. For those who wanted to have a formal education, there are EKG technician schools that offer an associate or a bachelor’s degree in this field. There are also some schools that offer a one year diploma or certification program to their students.

When looking for EKG technician schools always make sure that it is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education. Graduating from an accredited EKG technician school will make you eligible to take the certification exam. There are states that require a license while some may just only require a certification. But having a certification is still important since most employers would choose to hire those professionals with certification.

Also, when becoming an EKG technician, make sure that you are in a good physical condition since you will be standing for long hours and lifting patients. You must also have the skill and ability to follow instructions clearly. You must also have a relaxed and calm attitude to put your patients at their level of comfort. Having good communication skills is a must since EKG technicians are working closely with physicians and they must explain the procedure to the patient in a simple and clear manner.

What are the things that you can learn when enrolled in an EKG technician school? Schools will be offering a one year program for the core subjects and the other one year is for advanced training on Holter monitoring, stress test and so on. The following schools in Texas offers a great EKG technician program, these are the Regan Career Institute, California State University- East Bay and the Medical Professional Institute.

Regan Career Institute has a 50 hour program that can be accomplished for six courses that are only discussed during weekends. Once the program has been completed, the students are then qualified to take the National Center for Competency testing examination. The curriculum includes topics on patient conditioning, use of equipments and interpreting EKG tracings.

Regan Career Institute is located at:
925 S. Atlantic Blvd, Suite 203-B Monterey Park,
CA 91754,
(p): 626-457-1992

For students living in San Francisco, the California State University, East Bay offers an EKG certification for aspiring EKG technicians. The program is offered in ten weeks for 50 hours preparing their students for the national certification and licensure examination before they can obtain an EKG technician position. The program includes both classroom and hands on experiences. The students undergo a hands-on training to their classmate.

The California State University- East Bat has a tuition that cost around $1500. The school is located at 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd, WA 804, Hayward, CA. For more information just call 800-730-2784.

Another one of the EKG technician schools in California that offers EKG programs is the Medical Professional Institute located at 380 Pleasant St., Suite 21, Malden, MA 02148. The EKG program consists of seven courses each has a duration of 20 to 40 hours and includes an externship for 140 hours in a health care facility. The program offered in this school last for ten weeks where the students are also given assistance for their job placement. To enroll in this school, the basic requirement is for you to have a high school diploma or GED and an application form. For more details about the school visit www.mpi.edu

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