EKG Technician Schools In New York

EKG technician is a person who assists the physician in determining the patient’s heart condition. An ECG procedure is sometimes included as a routine examination for those with heart problems. Having a specialization in a particlular area of this technical field can open a lot of opportunities for an ECG technician. They have the option to specialize on either Holter monitoring, or stress testing. These test are procedures that do the same job that an ECG machine does, and that is monitoring the heart’s activity and impulses whether it is normal or not. If you are not familiar with what Holter monitoring is, it is a procedure where electrodes are placed on the patient’s chest and a portable ECG machine is attached to the belt. This machine will then monitor the impulses for 24 hours. After the 24 hour period, the technician will printout the results and send it to the physician for the doctors interpretation. A stress test is another procedure to check the heart’s activity while an individual is running or walking in a treadmill. This test will determine the effect of increased insertion on the patient’s heart.

A New York EKG technician training may last for 10 weeks. When you enroll yourself in an EKG technician program, you need to show them your high school diploma and proof that you have taken a course in anatomy. Some EKG technician programs in New York require you to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Courses in EKG training includes introduction to electrocardiography, heart anatomy and physiology medical terminology, interpreting EKG’s and special procedures and safety considerations. Coursework includes both practical and didactic training.

Prior to taking any national certification exams, check with the website of the certifying body. Most will present either online or printed manuals to help you restore your knowledge before taking the tests. These organizations include: the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT) at www.aspt.org; the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT), at www.ncctinc.com; and Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) at www.cci-online.org. It will benefit you by keeping you aware on the topics to be covered and possible questions before taking the national certification test.

The average ekg technician salary in New York is close to $46,000 per year, which is near the national average salary. Schools offering an EKG technician program in New York are The Manhattan Institute, The New York Medical Career Training Center and The New York Institute of Medical Careers.

Ekg Career Schools In New York

The Manhattan Institute is one of the ekg technician schools in New York that offers training in EKG that includes topics on EKG equipment, EKG interpretation, anatomy and physiology of the heart and medical terminology. The students are taught on how to apply electrodes for an EKG reading as well as procedures in stress testing and holter monitoring. The Manhattan Institute EKG training course can be completed in just three weeks and giving you an option to go on full time, part time or during on weekends only. Enrollment can be done in person, through phone or via the Internet. The Manhattan Institute is located at 255 Fifth Avenue, New York and you can contact them at 347-220-8181 or at www.manhattaninstitute.com

The New York Medical Training Center located at 36-09 Main Street, 5th Floor Flushing, NY 11354 is a school that teaches their students in doing EKG procedure. Graduates of this EKG technician program will be able to identify the different structures of the heart as well as different heart rhythms like junctions, atrial or ventricular. The students can also take these classes either during the day, in the evening or also on weekends. The New York Medical Training Center helps their graduates in looking for job placements upon completion of the course. Students who do not have a high school diploma must pass an entrance exam before they will be enrolled in an EKG course. Contact the school at 718-460-1717 visit their website www.nymedtraining.com for more information.

New York Institute of Medical Careers offers a 50 hour EKG technician training program can be completed in only five weeks. The program covers topics on cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, heart rhythms, pacemaker functions and performing an EKG. Enrollees should have a social security card and a identification card along with their high school diploma and must pass the entrance exam prior to admission of the training program. New York Institute of Medical Careers is located at 67-09 Woodside Avenue, 1st Floor Woodside, NY 11377; you may contact them at 718-565-9500 or visit their website at www.nyimc.com.

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