EKG Technician Training in Florida

When planning to be an EKG technician in Florida, it is important to ask yourself what are the requirements that Florida requires? First is a high school diploma. EKG technicians looking for a job in Florida must earn at least a high school diploma or its equivalent. Prerequisite subjects like mathematics, biology, chemistry and such are required. The students must not have a grade lower than “C”.

In order to have an EKG technician certification, you must first complete the training program. Most EKG technician trainings may last for four to six weeks but there are some schools in Florida that offers a 12 month program which include classroom and hands-on coursework. Though this may be a little longer but graduates will be given a specialized training. After completing the EKG technician program, next step is to have a certification. EKG technicians in Florida have two choices- then can earn a certification either from the Certified Cardiographic Technician or through the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians. These organizations almost have the same requirements which are where the applicants must submit a proof that they have undergone EKG training from an accredited school.

What are the schools in Florida that offers and EKG technician program? First is Fortis College where they provide a career education for students either from there degree or diploma program. These programs will surely help the students in improving their career as EKG technicians. Fortis College is located at 1573 W. Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park, Florida. Contact their main office at 407-843-3984 if you have any questions.

The Ultimate Medical Academy is a career school that offers EKG technician training in Florida that strives to offer the best education to their students. They ensure that their students are knowledgeable and confident in their future careers. They also train their students to help medical communities by providing assistance specifically to non-profit organizations. The school is located at 9309 N. Florida Avenue #100, Tampa, Florida or you may call the school at 813-944-3763. You may also visit their website www.ultimatemedical.edu.

Keiser University is one of the EKG technician schools which has two main offices- one located at 2101 NW 117th Avenue, Miami, Florida and the other is located at 5600 Lake Underhill Road, Orlando, Florida. Keiser University requires their student to attend four weeks of class then prior to going to the next class, the students will need to take and pass the examination given. The focus of this EKG Technician training school is to have a small class size to ensure that their students needs will be met. This school also offers a day or evening class and also online classes to meet the student’s schedule. This is surely a good choice for those students having more obligations. They give you the opportunity to decide on your schedule so that you will fulfill your educational commitments. This university also offers hands on learning experience to their students. They will not only learn in classrooms but they will gain experiences on the real work setting and learn more things that they can use for their new profession. Keiser University is accredited and will ensure you that you will be prepared and ready to take future examinations and start a successful and rewarding career. Contact Keiser University in Miami, Florida at 305-596-2226 and in Orlando, Florida, you may call 407-273-5800.

EKG Technician Career Overview

EKG technicians are professionals that work with equipment that produce an electrocardiograph of the patient’s heart activity. EKG is used for a lot of reasons and one of these is to help in diagnosing a patient whether he or she has a heart ailment or not. The job and duty of the EKG technician is to operate the machine. When performing an EKG procedure, the EKG technician will first apply a cream on the skin of the patient. He or she will then place the electrodes attached to the machine on the patient’s arms, legs and chest. The electrocardiograph machine is then turned on and readings are acquired. It is significant for these EKG technicians to make sure that there will be no technical errors or otherwise the reading may be affected and the doctor may derive a wrong diagnosis. Once the procedure is finished, the electrodes are removed slowly.

The average median EKG salary is close to $40,000. If one is employed in metropolitan areas they may receive a much higher salary. Florida has one of the largest number of EKG technicians employed in the United States since much of its population consists of senior citizens that require the services of EKG technicians.

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